Staking and Revenue Sharing

Staking within Segment Finance Protocol provide a secure and efficient mechanism for users to earn passive income. This staking process allows users to actively participate in and contribute to the stability and security of the Segment Finance ecosystem, while maximizing returns on their holdings. SEF stakers will enjoy the following benefits

  1. Receive 100% of the THE tokens earned through farming activities on SEF/USDT LP Tokens.

The LP tokens received by the LGE contract will be locked in the LGE contract for a minimum of 180 days, ensuring plenty of early liquidity. After the lockup period ends, LP tokens will be transferred to the DAO Reserve, where the strategy for their usage will be at the discretion of governance. LP tokens will be staked on the THENA to earn THE tokens. 100% of the earned tokens will be distributed to SEF stakers.

  1. Receive 80% of the protocol revenue

The protocol's revenue is accumulated from fees tied to the reserve factors connected to different pools. In essence, pools with higher risk profiles tend to generate more revenue from fees.

The remaining 20% of the protocol revenue will be allocated to DAO Reserve and shall serve to promote the long-term growth of the Segment Finance Protocol. In addition the DAO Reserve bolsters the protocol's resilience and provides a robust safety net for its ongoing operations.

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