Segment Points

The Segment Finance Loyalty Program is highly customisable, enabling us to reward productive protocol activity.

It gives users a preview into how much Airdrop they can get according to their deposited TVL and time spent on the protocol.

The longer users hold liquidity on the platform, the more Points they earn and the larger eligible Airdrop allocation they generate.

Segment Points are generated from the time-weighted deposits as follows:

  1. Lending on BSC chain will generate 1 Point per dollar per day

  2. Lending on opBNB chain will generate 3 Points per dollar per day

Liquidity provision is the primary action that is rewarded with Segment Points, but stay tuned for campaigns, events, and other actions for more opportunities to gain Points and increase your Points allocation.


In addition to Lending, users have the ability to boost their Points Earnings by Staking $SEF in the Segment Vaults. The maximum boost is 5x. To achieve the max boost, the staked $ amount must be at least equal to the supplied $ amount. The Average Boost in the My Points section displays an overall value across all chains and is calculated as: Avg. Boost = 4 * Staking $ / Lending $ + 1

The Segment Points are updated everyday at 0 UTC time, according to the current value of the liquidity supplied.

To view the earned Segment Points, user can navigate to the Points Page, where the Points Summery, including the avg. boost and the current Ranking are displayed .

Early Supporter

To express appreciation to our early supporters, we have taken all deposits and staked SEF into account for the period from the launch of Segment on January 7th 2024 and until the launch of this Points program. For that we scanned the protocol’s on-chain history on BSC and calculated Points for all users who have deposited to Segment in the past.

The 20 most active users can now be viewed on our Leaderboard.

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