Segment Finance Vaults provide a secure and efficient mechanism for users to stake SEF tokens and earn passive income. This staking process allows users to actively participate in and contribute to the stability and security of the Segment Finance ecosystem, while maximizing returns on their holdings.

There are 2 different Vaults for staking SEF. One of them will be sSEF Vault where the rewards will be used for buying SEF from the market and distributing it to sSEF stakers. The other will be uSEF Vault where the rewards will be used for buying USDT from market and distributing it to uSEF stakers.

Staking in SEF Vaults:

  1. Navigate to the Segment Finance app and connect your BNB Chain Wallet or other supported wallet apps.

  2. On the left side of the screen, click on the 'Vault' tab.

  3. Once you navigated to the Staking screen choose the Vault and click the 'Stake' button.

  4. A pop-up will appear asking for the amount of SEF tokens you want to stake. Input the desired amount and confirm.

  5. After entering the amount, a prompt will ask for the transaction's confirmation in your wallet. Confirm this.

  6. Once you've staked your SEF tokens, the interface will show the staked amount, your potential rewards, and other vault statistics.


When you decide to unstake your tokens, there will be a one-week waiting period. For instance, if you staked your tokens and wish to unstake them on October 10, 2023, you will be able to withdraw your tokens on October 17, 2023. This precautionary measure is in place to accommodate the needs of stakers who may require time to plan their unstaking activities.

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