Segment Loyalty Program

The Tokenomics of Segment Finance prioritise fairness through revenue sharing to support protocol and community growth.

By introducing the Segment Loyalty Program we created an accounting system that will be used to distribute the Segment’s Community Airdrop as well as the future rewards that Segment may receive by participating in the opBNB ecosystem.

To know more about the various Airdrops users can farm with Segment, view the current opportunities below:

  1. Segment Community Airdrop

As outlined in our Tokenomics a total supply of 3%, or 3 Million $SEF, will be distributed as Community Airdrop. This Airdrop should reward early supporters in the course of the Protocol’s Cross-Chain expansion.

  1. Potential opBNB Airdrop

Observing the development of other chains we anticipate that in the future states of opBNB network, the protocols may be airdropped tokens, similar to what happened in other L2s. In case of this airdrop we will use Points as an accounting system to fairly distribute the airdrop to holders.

  1. Additional Resources of Income

If Segment Finance receives any additional income that can be spared for community airdrops, distribution of those resources will be made through the Points Program.

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