Liquidity Generation Event

The launch of the SEF token will be based on TAROT token liquidity generation event and shall be considered as one of the fairest token launches in DeFi.

Users who deposit USDT into the LGE contract at any time during the LGE will be apportioned a proportional share of the LGE regular allocation. (3,2% of the total supply of SEF)

As an additional incentive, users who deposit during the first day will be apportioned a proportional share of the LGE bonus allocation. (0,3% of the total supply of SEF)

Claimable SEF will be based on share of the total deposits at the end of the bonus period. There is no front-running and being first or last to deposit for either distribution doesn't matter.

After the LGE event ends, 3,5% of the total supply of SEF will be claimed by users who participate in the event.

The entire USDT proceeds from the LGE, along with 2,5% of total supply of SEF will be used for the SEF/USDT pair on the THENA.

With these conditions, LGE participants will receive 28% more tokens than they paid for.

(For example, if you participated with 100 USDT, you'll receive 128 USDT worth of SEF tokens at launch.)

The LP tokens received by the LGE contract will be locked in the LGE contract for a minimum of 180 days, ensuring plenty of early liquidity. After the lockup period ends, LP tokens will be transferred to the protocol reserves, where the strategy for their usage will be at the discretion of governance.

LP tokens will be staked on THENA to earn the THE Tokens. 100% of the earned Tokens will be distributed to SEF stakers.

To prevent volatile price movement and protect users, only half of the tokens received from the LGE will be unlocked during the first day. The rest of the tokens distributed in this manner will have a 1-year vesting period.

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