Price Feeds

Segment Finance leverages the extensively audited and battle-tested codebase of Compound V2, establishing a robust foundation for security. Additionally, Segment Finance operates a bug bounty program aimed at continuously enhancing the protocol's security measures.

In order to help safeguard money market activities on Segment, we needed to integrate accurate, reliable, and high-frequency price feeds.

After evaluating various oracle solutions, we chose to integrate Chainlink price feeds on BNB chain, the leading data providers in the industry. This integration allows us to precisely monitor asset values and initiate liquidations as necessary.

Our initial integration involves the use of the following Chainlink Price Feeds on BNB chain:






As we recently expanded to BOB chain, we integrated RedStone and DIA oracles to acquire accurate, reliable, and high-frequency price feeds for our markets.

RedStone is a Modular Oracle that delivers frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds in a few models. Segment utilizes Classic model which ensures that data is pushed into on-chain storage via a relayer with set conditions. (Heartbeat and deviation threshold)

DIA oracles provide accurate, tamper-proof pricing data sourced at granular, trade level directly from multiple CEXs and DEXs. DIA’s transparent first-party oracle architecture minimizes risks of manipulation, ensuring that the collateral assets are valued accurately and liquidation thresholds managed effectively.

This integration involves the following price feeds on BOB chain:

  • USDT

  • USDC

  • ETH

  • WBTC

  • tBTC

  • SOV


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