Segment Finance is a dynamic lending protocol that closely resembles Venus Protocol - one of the the most trusted and battle-tested lending and borrowing protocols, developed as a fork from the Compound Protocol. As a result, Segment Finance inherits the secure and audited smart contract codebases from Compound and Venus.

Since Segment Finance doesn't introduce any changes or modifications to the existing code, it benefits from the extensive audits conducted on Compound and Venus. This strong foundation ensures the security and reliability of Segment Finance protocols, providing users with a trusted and proven lending platform without the need for additional audits.

But in order to give our users even more security, we have started to conduct extensive security audits of the Segment Finance contracts as well and have already passed our first audit at Verichains.

You can check all audit reports below:

Segment Finance/ Isolated Pools

Venus Finance/ Contracts and strategies

Isolated pools

Forced liquidations in the Core pool

RiskFund and Shortfall handling



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